The Anthropocene Trilogy Part I - Solastalgia

Solastalgia is coined by philosopher and professor Glenn Albrecht as word to mean, "the homesickness you have when you are still at home". [...] "As bad as local and regional negative transformation is, it's the big picture, the Whole Earth, which is now a home under assault. A feeling of global dread asserts itself as the planet heats and our climate gets more hostile and unpredictable."

Above the concrete

Videoclip taken from my balcony

Simulacrum droomreizen

Graduation project 2013
There are no pristine areas in the Netherlands. Everything is designed by man. We live inside the designed reality. Driven by the desire for untouched nature I've created my own on a desktop.

The Generic City

The uniformity of modern cities

The Generic City: Rotterdam

Used staples for building Rotterdam as a Generic City

Softbox Nederland

Light pollution in the Netherlands

Overdiepse Polder

The polder will be transformed for the purpose of flood protection.

Deficient Sollution




Reinard Haex (1985, Utrecht)
Lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands
BA Photography AKV|St.Joost, s’-Hertogenbosch/Breda (2009-2013)

Artist statement

The impact of humanity on the surroundings is a predominant theme in my work. A majority of the (global) population lives in cities. The perception of our surroundings transforms under the influence of urbanization. We experience the urban landscape as our obvious habitat. Asphalt, bricks, reflective glass and concrete blocks become natural. With my work I aim to achieve a critical awareness on the way we distort our environment.


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